The Assembly 2014 experience

Taking part in the Assembly was a bit of an odd experience, since I seldom take part in big conventions like this. The massive halls filled to the brim with geeks eager to play their games in spaces larger and darker than their rooms was in the end quite the pleasing experience even  though the sleeping hall´s floors were cold and hard.

Since our main goal at 5D was to both check out the events and the people and to advertise our games and High Score, I spent a lot of time either wandering around or doing my best to get people interested in playing some 5D games. Very few people above 15 took genuine interest, but a few young gamers got very excited about the stuff we had made, especially the multiplayer games. Most of the time that was probably meant to be spent attracting people was used to play our own games.

The time I spent wandering the halls in search of people and activities I found myself a bit disappointed by the stuff offered to the people with no PCs with them. There were gaming consoles with fighting games, but I was a bit intimidated by their players who seemed to move their thumbs with liquid grace that I could not hope to beat. Assembly also offered classic arcade machines for the nostalgic gamers, but they were constantly occupied so I sadly got no chance to try Ghost and Ghouls for myself.

I also had a few short discussions with the students of other colleges and their game development students. The 2nd year students from Turku had made some really great games, some that left me feeling quite inferior. My favorite of their games being an interesting virtual card game, where you summon creatures and command them in similar fashion to X-Com, great stuff.

One thing that came of as a positive surprise was the free access to sauna for all 5D participants which helped after a night spent on a cold floor.

-Tuomas Tulijoki



5D – Assembly Summer 2014 – Puska Creations

Our last assignment for 5D course was to participate in the Assembly Summer 2014 event and to represent TAMK and score, and display the games we had made during the 5D course. We had some problems assembling our stand but once we had figured them out we had a lot of fun playing and displaying our games and talking with people attending the Assembly.

Image 05.08.2014 22.48.39 1112

People from our 5D course playing games we made during the course.

We were also able to attend to some programs of the Assembly like different kind of kompos, seminars and tournaments. For example there were music and graphics kompos, which had pretty incredible entrants, and League of Legends and robowar tournaments. It was also fun to study other stands, collect goods, meet new people and try new games.

Image 05.08.2014 22.46.26 1106

Robowar’s finale.

Three of our four team members had never attended the Assembly before but we all did enjoy the event a lot. It was organized well and people working there were friendly and helpful. We all might be going there also next year.


Week 5 of 5D – Team Karpalo

The last week of 5D development was pretty cool, just like the four before it. I didn’t have that much to work with this time, but it was interesting nonetheless. As a matter of coincidence, my two assignments were both “infinite runner”-styled 2d-platformers. The other one needed only two sound effects in addition to the music, so I really had the time to sculpt the audio into perfection. Even though minimal work in general can be achieved with minimal effort, it’s totally possible to put time into it just like into anything else. This week I wanted to be extra minimal, so instead of my previous, more or less realistic sound design, I decided to approach both games from an emulated sound chip point of view (8-bit, mainly). I used some basic virtual synthesizers to create some awesome old-school beeps, rattles and pops, and it ended up being a very fun experiment. It’s amazing how you can create so many different sounds just by combining the most basic few waveforms together and using your imagination. The most used tool this week or me was the Charlatan VST, which looks like this for you audio enthusiasts out there:

Google it, it's free and very awesome!

Google it, it’s free and very awesome!

But like all good things, also this course has to meet its inevitable end. 5D was an interesting experience, and I learned a lot from it. I totally recommend it to anyone interested in making games, was it programming, graphics or audio you’re good at. It will definitely not be in vain.

The next and last blog post will be a report from the Assembly, the final frontier of your journey through game development. See you there!

By Olli Ketonen

Week 5 of 5D – Team Artificial

For our last game of 5D we decided to go mobile and do a simple endless runner. The game is set in a dark city where a red girl character tries to run away from an acid rain. The girl has an umbrella that keeps her safe from the acid and allows her to glide a little in the air. menu



The game is pretty simple to play, you just tap the screen (or space/left mouse on PC) to jump and hold to glide when the character is falling.  The game also has an umbrella bar, which slowly goes down as the acid wears your umbrella. There are umbrella items for the player to collect which increase the bar. The game ends when the bar reaches zero, the player falls to the acid or when the player gets blocked by an obstacle and the screen catches the character.ingamedeathThe game as no increasing speed or anything like that. The difficulty comes from the level design, as we made some sections which require very tight jumps. These harder sections will start to come after a while of playing with a random chance.


All in all this course has been a great learning experience for all of us and we recommend it to anyone interested in game development. 

Week 5 of 5D – Little bit of everything – Team Border

By Minttu Järvi

No we have made our last game in the 5D. These five weeks have been awesome. I recommend this project for those who want to learn by doing things in practice. In the beginning making games in this manner can be a little stressful but after the first week we learned about how much we can do in 5 days. After that the course has been only fun.

fattycorn1Fattycorn the game

Flappy bird was the biggest influence for our last week’s game. Our game is 2D game about unicorn  trying to kill as many animals he can and floating as far he can. Instead of flying, our character is floating in the air like a balloon. He is floating around and around and the player only needs to press space to give the unicorn a little boost to float further.  There are dangerous thorns that you need to avoid and other animals, walruses and t-rexes that are on your way. You can either blow them up with your horn or just poke them out of your way.

Phú made cool low poly environment in Blender and we used a picture of it as a background picture for the game. We made the characters in Illustrator and animations for them in After Effects.

fattycorn2Fattycorn Main menu with low poly background picture

This week was kind of easy for our programmers. They had the basic mechanics done already on Wednesday. After that they just improved this and that and added sounds that are made by Karri Mikkonen.

Link to the game :


5D – Week 5 – Puska Creations

For our final game we decided to do a side scrolled infinity runner game. In our game the player controls a banker whose bank has been robbed. He chases a robber in a street trying to avoid obstacles and to collect back as much money as he can. The game gets harder the longer the player is playing the game.


Main menu and logo of our game.


Info of our game.

Our game is called Follow the Money. Its graphics are done in 2D and for the first time we were able to put our animations to our 2D characters. The game looks good and funny and our sounds are once again perfect for our game. Game itself is fun to play and works pretty well. This time there aren’t a lot of bugs.


Gameplay photo – Start of our game.


Gameplay photo.

Näyttökuva 2014-7-4 kello 16.43.20

Gameplay photo – Game over.

All in all, a good game to finish this course.

Week 4 of 5D – Team Border confronts android

By Minttu Järvi

This project is going so fast – only one week to go! This week we wanted to do mobile game to learn something new. We also wanted to combine 2D and 3D graphics so we had quite a challenge for this week.

We decided to make some kind of balancing game at first. Then we modified the idea a bit and decided to do a game of a gingerbread man trying to escape from a bakery.  You must avoid baking utensils that are thrown by angry chefs who are trying to drop you down. Gingerbread man’s movements are done by tilting the phone from side to side.  The game ended up to be an endless runner.

gingerThis is how our game looks in unity.

Exporting the game to the phone for testing purposes stopped working properly on the last day so we couldn’t test the game on a mobile device as much we wanted. Because of this problem we couldn’t export and publish our final version of the game at all. Even though we couldn’t publish it for android phones, we made a PC version of the game so you can see what we were doing.

This wasn’t our best game but anyway we learned something new which is the most important thing in 5D. We have yet one week to make a new game. Hopefully it goes better than this week!

Link to the game:

Week 4 of 5D – Team Artificial

So week 4 was fun times, as expected we had no ideas at all on Monday, but luckily we happened to get a fire alarm at the school. Inspired by this we decided to do a simulator game about fire alarms: enter Fire Alarm Simulator 2015.menugame1

The game is mostly about choice: you have to guess whether or not the alarm is real. You will be playing minigames on the 4th floor of a building. During a minigame the alarm will go off and you will have to choose between running outside to the rendezvous point or just keep playing.  If you keep playing you can get more points playing the games and not waste time going downstairs, but the risk of a fire is always there. game3


By going outside you can avoid the possible fire, but by doing so you might lose fatigue. To get downstairs you have 3 options: the stairs which will drain some of your fatigue whenever you go up or down, the elevator which may sometimes be broken or serve as a deathtrap if the alarm was real, or you can just jump out the window for a quick escape if you think you can survive the fall. For even more random factor once you reach the rendezvous point and the fire disappears, you might find some energy drinks on your way up to refill your fatigue!game2



5D – Week 4 – Puska Creations

RalliKilpailuPeli - Menu

The logo and menu of our game.

This week we decided to do a driving game. In our game there are two players who compete with each other. They drive in a race track and the player who first drives five laps wins. The game is called Ralli Kilpailu Peli. Our earlier games were in English but this game is entirely in Finnish.

RalliKilpailuPeli - Info

Info of our game. All in Finnish (except the “Musics by” but it was supposed to be in Finnish also).

Our game is done combining 2D and 3D. The race track and menus are in 2D but the decorative objects in the track are 3D as are the cars. In the race track there is also a power up which gives you more speed.

RalliKilpailuPeli - Peli

Gameplay photo.

This game is our best game so far. It works best in its entirety, it has the least bugs, its graphics are the most successful and the music and sounds are amazing and fun. Our sound guy truly amazed us this week.